This problem has been found to be caused by the KB44934772 update on or around 4/11/19.  

This solution was put together as a combination of work by Andrew, Blu and Joanne.  

  1. Boot computer into Safe Mode by holding F8 during boot
  2. Login
  3. open Control Panel and  then programs
  4. on the left click installed windows updates 
  5. It will a while for everything to load, there is a status bar at the top of the screen. 
  6. at the bottom you are looking for Microsoft Security Update (KB4493472)
  7. Right click on the update and choose uninstall
  8. The computer will ask to reboot after it has uninstalled and it can boot normally.
  9. login with the same Local User that you logged into safe mode with
  10. open start menu and Right-Click Computer
  11. Choose Properties
  12. Select Change Computer Name
  13. Click Radio button next to workgroup, enter anything in the text box and click ok.  (Do Not Restart after this step)
  14. click Change Computer Name again
  15. Click the Radio Button next to Domain and enter (When prompted enter your network account <havsd\btaylor>)
  16. When it asks to reboot this time, you can restart and the computer should be back to normal.