User initiated steps:

  • Have user quit Chrome and run the “Remove and Re-install Chrome” tool in Self Service

  • Have user quit Firefox and run the “Remove and Re-install Firefox” tool in Self Service

  • Run Updates tool in Self Service

  • Run Help tool in Self Service

If user continues to report problems, you’ll have to start a LogMeIn session.

Technician initiated steps (while connected using LogMeIn):

  • Double check that they ran the above Self Service tools successfully

  • Toggle hardware acceleration off in Google Chrome

  • Clear browser caches

  • Check for unneeded or malicious extensions in Chrome

  • Turn off Siri

  • Test camera in FaceTime

  • Check sound input settings in System Preferences > Sound.

  • Check WiFi settings and make sure the user has no unneeded networks stored

  • Check memory in About This Mac… > System Report, make sure there are 8GB and that both slots say “OK”

  • Check Activity Monitor for memory usage - there could be an application or service taking up resources that can be stopped

  • Check Backup and Sync - this takes up a huge amount of resources if it is stuck on a large file that is being synced

  • Allow Chrome to use camera and audio in System Preferences  > Privacy > Accessibility

  • Turn off unnecessary Spotlight searches in System Preferences > Spotlight

  • Adjust transparency settings in System Preferences > Accessibility > Display

After the session, if needed, send user instructions for resetting the NVRAM, and ask them to restart and try that.